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Apply For Student Credit Cards Online

College tuition fee gets more expensive year after year. Because of this fact, high school students (and their parents) are already planning ahead. Some of them turn to credit cards.
Credits cards that are targeted specifically for college students lessen the fiscal load. Thank to this, the students need not have allowances from mommy or daddy and totally rely on part-time jobs.

Student credit cards are more popular nowadays because of the benefits. Let's say you are in college and you are having problems in terms of money. It's difficult to budget the allowance your parents give you as well as the small amount you get from your part time job. If this is the case, then credit card is your resort.

Student credit cards can cover any expense imaginable that will be encountered during college. The difference of student credit cards with student loans is that the latter only covers the expenses that are related to school. The former, on the other hand, can help the student with his daily expenses like groceries, transportation and miscellaneous fees (laundry, dry clean, etc.)

Student credit cards are different from the regular credit cards. Student credit cards are secured, in the sense that it prevents the user to over-spend. It controls the student's expenditures and only lets him spend what he must.

Now, applying for student credit cards can be done online. You need not worry finding it because the tables are turned and it will find you instead. Sales agents for student credit card companies go to universities and campuses all around the United States in search for potential clients. If you're lucky, these sales agents have freebies like coffee mugs, pens, shirts and stickers if you sign up and join their program. Therefore, if you are enrolled, you have better chance to getting a student credit card application.

Let's say you are not lucky. Don't give up. You can still do your application over the web. Thanks to internet, the process for student credit cards application is so much easier. Just visit the provider of these student credit cards and ask for their website. Visit the site and fill out the application forms that you submit to an email address indicated on the home page. After a couple of days, you receive a notice via email about the application results. It's either your student credit card application has been approved or rejected.

Since you're logged on anyway, you can make the most out of your internet connection and compare the plans of various student credit card providers out there. In doing so, you have an idea of which student credit card is best for you - meaning one that will give you the lowest interest rate possible. If you want to take advantage of the promos and freebies that they offer when you do your application online, do so.

Just make sure that you carefully read the terms of agreement that is posted on the site. Do not be daunted by the numbers. Try to understand each figure and if possible compare them with others. Low fixed rates generally don't last within credit card providers and there are offers that are only available for a limited amount of time.

Most importantly, remember to have security on your computer in order to avoid identity theft. You must have the latest and most reliable antispyware installed into your system so that you can protect yourself from hackers trying to get your information.

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Best Student Credit Cards 2013

The Credit Card ACT of 2009 has made life more difficult for students looking to apply for a credit card. Previously, if you were a college student, there was no age limit on whether or not you could obtain a credit card. In an effort to protect students from the dangers of credit cards, Congress passed a law requiring all students under the age of 21 to have a parental cosigner OR show sufficient income when applying for a credit card.

As a result of the Credit Card ACT of 2009, credit card rewards and offers have suffered a bit and this has certainly filtered through to college student credit cards. Still, there are a good number of solid student credit card offers represented below. If you own a student credit card you feel deserves to be on this list, let us know and we’ll gladly add it.

But before we get to the list, it’s important to mention that a student must have OK credit in order to be approved for the cards below. If you have bad credit (defaults, many late payments, collections) then applying for a credit card is only going to hurt you. If you do not know your current credit score, both Credit Sesame and Credit Karma offer totally free accounts to check your credit score. Signing up takes one minute, requires no credit card and does not trick you into paying for anything. No free trials or sneaky business, just 100% free credit score accounts

Best Coolege Student Credit Cards

Citi® Dividend Platinum Select® Card for College StudentsThe Citi Dividend Platinum Select Card for College Students is our best overall college student credit card. The card sports a 0% intro APR on purchases for seven months, only requires good credit to be approved and carries no annual fee. As with all Citibank student credit cards, the Citi® Dividend Platinum Select Card for College Students does NOT require a cosigner.

Perhaps the greatest feature on the Citi Dividend Platinum Select Card for College Students is it’s cash back potential. Cardholders earn 5% cash back at supermarkets, drugstores, gas stations and utilities for the first six months (1% cash back thereafter). 1% cash back can be earned on ALL other purchases and if you’re unable to pay off your credit card in full each month, the after intro APR is a respectable 13.99% – 21.99% variable.

Citi Forward® Card for College Students
The only credit card that rewards good behavior, the Citi Forward Card for College Students offers up to a 2% APR reduction on your credit card if you make a purchase, keep your balance under your credit limit and pay on time for three months in a row. In addition, the Citi Forward Card for College Students offers a 0% intro APR on purchases for seven months and bonus 1,000 points after you sign up for paperless statements within the first 3 months of account opening. The Citi Forward Card for College Students does not have an annual fee and 100 Thank-You points are earned each month you pay your credit card on time and stay under your credit limit.

Capital One® JourneySM Student Rewards
The Capital One Journey Student Rewards Card is another great option for students in need of credit. While the card does not carry an introductory offer, it does offer 1% cash back on all purchases. The Capital One Journey Student Rewards Card only requires average credit for approval, does not have an annual fee and has a 19.8% APR on purchases and balance transfers. In addition, students get a 25% bonus on the cash back they earn each month when they pay their bill on time. They also can earn up to 15% more cash back when they shop the Perk CentralSM retail network.

Discover® Student CardThe Discover Student Card is our second best option, offering college students a 0% intro offer on purchases for nine months. The cash back opportunity on the Discover Student Card is great in that a 5% Cashback Bonus can be earned on rotating categories throughout the year. Otherwise, you’ll earn 0.25% cash back on your first $3,000 in annual purchases, and up to 1% cash back thereafter. The Discover Student Card requires fair credit to be approved and carries no annual fee.

Orchard Bank Classic MasterCard
Not your typical college student credit card, the Orchard Bank Classic MasterCard is a regular credit card, designed for people with poor credit. Students sometimes have no or poor credit because of student loans taken out in their name so if you find it difficult to be approved for another card on this list, the Orchard Bank Classic MasterCard is your best option. The downside to being approved for this card is that there is an annual fee, $0 – $59 for the first year and $35 – $59 per year thereafter*, and the APR on purchases and balance transfers is now 14.99% – 24.99%.

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Applying For Student Credit Cards

How to Apply for a Student Credit Card:

Compare Credit Cards

1. Compare interest rates offered among credit cards geared toward students. You should look at both the introductory rate and what the rate will rise to after this introductory period ends.

2. Make sure the low-interest student credit card you are applying for doesn't make up for lost revenue from interest by charging unreasonably high fees. Look at the credit card charges for late fees, annual fees and fees associated with charging over your credit limit. Some may even charge an additional fee just to apply.

3. Get fringe benefits from your student credit card if you can. Little extras, like cash back or other rewards are among the benefits many cards offer. Make sure that these benefits are not accompanied by higher rates or exorbitant fees.

4. Look for a credit card that allows for little or no credit history. Many companies might require an additional co-signer (such as your parent or guardian) for you to apply for the card.

5. Remember that your credit card should not be viewed as a source of income. Rather, your student credit card is a tool for establishing a good credit rating from the start by making regular payments and maintaining a low balance.

Complete Your Application

6. Complete your student credit card application online to expedite its review. Depending on the credit card company, you may be able to view the progress of your credit card application online as well.

7. Visit your bank's local branch to see if you qualify for a student credit card. You will need your account information when you apply.

8. Have the information you need to complete your application handy before you begin. This will include your social security number, address and other contact information. If a co-signer is helping you apply, you will also need their employment and income information.

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Student Credit Cards 0 Interest

Student Credit Cards Offer 0% Interest, Rewards

There's one group banks and credit card issuers are actually sucking up to these days: college students.

Card issuers have designed credit cards specifically for them, with better terms, no annual fees and longer zero-interest periods.


Because college students are seen as important customers to grab onto on their way up financially.

Also, students aren't perceived to be as financially risky. New credit card rules require students younger than 21 to provide proof of income, assets or a cosigner in order to get a credit card, and this lowers the chance of a default.

And that's good for both card issuers and college-age card users.

Find a number of credit card offers tailored to college students in our extensive database. Here are a few to consider:

Discover Student More Card and Discover Open Road Card for Students: These two cards offer a introductory APR of 0% for the first nine months -- currently the longest zero-interest period available to college students -- which is good for students to load up on books and supplies this fall without earning interest.

The regular purchase APR is a variable rate ranging between 13.99% and 20.99% (that's the prime rate of 3.25% plus 10.74% to 17.74%), depending on the student or cosigner's credit history.

Both offer cash-back rewards of 5% to 20% when shopping in Discover's online shopping mall of national retailers.

The More card has a 5% bonus for up to $300 in purchases in specific shopping categories that rotate quarterly (October through December, it's cash back for restaurant and clothing purchases) and up to 1% cash back for unlimited purchases in everything else, from textbooks to toothpaste.

The Open Road card has double cash-back bonuses (2%) at any gas station or restaurant, good for up to $250 in purchases each month.

Capital One Journey Student Rewards: Capital One targets this card for students who want to build up their credit with a good payment record.

Besides offering 1% cash back on all purchases, the card gives a 25% bonus on the cash students earn each month when they pay the bill on time.

So, for a student who charges $200 onto the card each month, he or she will receive $2 in cash back, plus a 50-cent bonus for paying on time. While it sounds small, it adds up to $30 extra over a year to spend.

Purchase APR on this credit card is a variable 19.8%, which is quite high.

Citi mtvU Platinum Select Visa: This card rewards students who not only pay on time but get good grades, too.

It offers five "ThankYou Points" for every dollar spent at restaurants, from fancy to fast food, as well as bookstores, music stores and movie theaters. Earn one point per dollar spent everywhere else.

Students who pay their bills on time and don't exceed their credit limits can earn up to 25 points per month, and those who maintain a GPA of 2.5 and over can earn between 250 and 2,000 points every semester.

The 100-point mark is when students can start redeeming for everything from travel and merchandise to gift cards and exclusive Citi deals. There's a 0% APR for the first seven months, then the variable APR goes from 13.99% to 21.99%.