Sunday, 11 March 2012

Student Gas Credit Cards

Gas Credit Cards For Students

Gas prices have never been this high, our economy is arguably in a recession and price of groceries inflate as each day goes by. With more and more Americans foregoing a substantial percentage of their paychecks to gas and auto maintenance, the need for a better, safer solution can not be more pressing than it already is. While we wait for the ultimate solution to eliminating our dependence on fossil fuels, should we continue spending an often ridiculous amount on monthly gas purchasing?

Citi Driver's Edge Credit Card for College Student

The Driver's Edge Card from Citibank is a good credit card solution for college students with poor credit scores even those without a credit history. Cardholders do not need to earn income in order to gain an approval. The featured reward program awards a 3% cash rebate for gas and 1% rebate for other purchases. An introductory Annual Percentage Rate period lasts 6 months during which balance transfers, cash advances and purchases incur no interest. The fixed APR becomes 12.99% afterward. Citi Driver's Edge Card has no annual fee.

Discover Student Open Road Credit Card

Discover's Open Road Credit Card fro College Students offers an introductory APR period for the first 6 months. Cardholders are awarded a 5% cash rebate on gas and auto maintenance purchases. Other purchases attract 1% in cash rebates. The card also offers double Cashback Bonus on grocery store purchases and Online Bill Payment feature. The fixed Annual Percentage Rate is as low as 15.99%.

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