Thursday, 8 March 2012

Student Credit Cards With No Credit

Many students find themselves looking for a good charge card. It can be difficult for many to get the credit card that they need because they have little to no credit history. Certain cards are only meant for individuals with a great credit history. Credit card companies have taken steps to make it easier for students to get a credit card with the development of student charge cards with no credit options. This allows students to have the change to begin building good credit so that they can take more financial steps in the future. There are a number of charge card companies who are willing to accept new student accounts and grant low interest rates.

Credit cards are one of the most important credit accounts for an adult to have. Millions of credit card accounts are opened every year. However, if a college student does not have a credit card account open by the time they graduate college, they are going to find it more difficult to rent a house, purchase a car or obtain a cell phone.

The Applied Bank Visa Secured card is a great option for students with no credit. This card is especially designed for college students in mind. This card offers a 0% annual percentage rate, so students won't accumulate interest on their purchases, no matter how long it takes to pay their debt off. There are also no application fees or yearly fees associated with this card. Students will be able to improve their credit rating because this card reports all activities to the credit bureaus.

The Public Savings Open Sky Visa® Secured card is an additional option for students. This card has no annual fees and does not require students to go through a credit check process in order to apply. This card offers a 6.5% variable annual percentage rate. Additionally, students don't need a checking account in order to apply and will be able to have their credit activity reported to the credit bureaus in a timely manner.

With the use of student cards with no credit, students can make their regular purchases without the use of cash. This can also serve as a way for students without a credit history to make smart financial decisions so that they're able to begin building their credit history for the future. Students should take care to make sure that they've researched each card option so that they understand all of the terms and rules associated with the card of their choosing.

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