Saturday, 17 March 2012

Student Credit Cards With Instant Approval

If you are looking for a student credit card that offers instant approval, you have come to the right place. This page features a list of guaranteed approval credit cards for students including prepaid credit cards and secured credit cards.

Both prepaid and secured student credit cards grant instant approval for people with no credit history and bad credit. So whether it will be your first time to apply for a credit card or you need a new a credit card to rebuild your personal credit, these credit cards are designed to fit your needs.

READYdebit® Platinum Visa® Prepaid Card

Works like a checking account – load money & use anywhere Visa is accepted – withdraw cash at ATMs, Online Bill Pay, shop at stores, internet, buy gas, etc.
  • Direct Deposit your paychecks for free!
  • Account is fully FDIC insured
  • Easy cash reloading at 50,000+ retail locations
  • Send checks to anyone with our easy online bill pay
  • Share money between two READYdebit cards instantly – it’s FREE!
  • No credit or ChexSystems™ checks
  • No overdraft fees
  • No bounced checks – Ever!

  • RushCard is available ONLY IN THE USA.
  • 100% guaranteed approval
  • Our money saving offers give consumers an alternative to “traditional” checking accounts and access to convenient money management, including: – Online Bill Pay – FREE Paycheck, Benefits check, Tax refund Direct Deposit – FREE Credit Builder – FREE Account Text Alerts – FREE Interactive Money Management Interface

Horizon Gold Credit Card

When you apply for your Horizon Gold account, you are guaranteed to receive the $500.00 Credit Card. Don’t wait, apply today!
  • Guaranteed Approval!
  • Bad Credit Accepted!
  • No Employment Check!
  • Reports to a Major Bureau!

Platinum Zero(R) Secured Visa(R) Credit Card from Applied Bank(R)

This offer is for genuine Secured Visa Platinum Credit Card with 0% APR on Purchases.
  • ZERO – 0% FIXED APR on Purchases – No Intro Rates!
  • ZERO – 0% Rate Won’t Change – Even If You’re Late!
  • ZERO Hassles – Choose Your Credit Limit From $500 Up To $5,000
  • ZERO Application Fees
  • ZERO Worries – FREE Personal ID Theft Protection
  • ZERO Delays – Timely CREDIT Bureau Reporting


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