Saturday, 17 March 2012

Student Credit Cards With Fair Credit

College students are often able to garner fair credit as a result of being authorized users on parents’ credit card accounts, using their own credit cards responsibly and/or making on-time payments toward personal loans. If you’ve managed to thusly build the beginnings of a solid credit history, one of the credit cards for college students with fair credit listed below might be right for you (you can get a sense of your credit standing with free credit estimator).

As a student, a credit card can be helpful in three respects: making everyday purchases effectively cheaper with rewards, offering an alternative financing option for big purchases, and, most importantly, allowing you to further improve your credit. If you are planning on paying your bills in full every month (highly recommended) compare student rewards credit cards and get the card with the best rewards for your biggest expenses (e.g. gas, groceries, food).

If you won’t be able to immediately pay off necessary expenses, then the credit cards for students with fair credit that have 0% APR introductory offers should be your focus. No matter which card you eventually select, make sure to use it responsibly and not miss any payments. By doing so, you can graduate from fair credit by the time you enter “the real world” and set your sights on credit cards for good credit and eventually excellent credit credit cards.

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