Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Student Credit Cards No Credit Check

In America today, everyone wants to have things now. They don't want to wait that extra three or four days to get something in their hand when they can have it now. The same goes with a credit card. So many people want things now and when it comes to a decision on a credit card, many want to apply online and see if they are approved or not right after they hit that submit button.

Do instant approval student credit cards with no credit check exist?

Technically, after looking at all of the cards on the market and researching all of them, they're generally aren't any but some cards will give you a faster response than other companies. The reason that there aren't any instant approval cards is because of the college process and I'll explain why.

When you apply for a student card, the credit card company will have to research the college you're going to. They don't want to issue cards to those not going to a college. This usually means you'll have to send in some sort of evidence such as a transcript or a report card. Normally, with regular cards, you won't have to deal with this process since you're not dealing with strict cards like student based cards.

The best bet in the long run is to apply for those cards that you want and just go through the process. It's going to take a week or so but it doesn't really make a difference if you get approved today or not because you're not going to get that credit card in the mail for another few weeks. As you get older and you can apply for a regular card, you'll be able to find instant approval cards but in the meantime, be patient and you'll be fine.

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