Friday, 9 March 2012

0 % APR Student Credit Cards

College is costly, and students are often unable to immediately pay down certain expenses like books or a computer. Rather than incur the added cost of interest or experience the discomfort that comes with falling behind on your bills, consider opening a 0% APR student credit card in order to buy yourself more time to pay off those big-ticket purchases that seem to be inextricably linked to higher education. Student credit cards with no interest work like any no interest credit card in that they have introductory periods, usually lasting six months or more, during which interest is not applied to the revolving balance.

When the 0% intro period concludes, a regular APR ranging anywhere from 10% to 25% will kick in. It is therefore important to pay the majority of your balance before the 0% period concludes, and a payoff calculator can help you determine the monthly payments necessary to do so. Some of the 0% APR student credit cards listed at offer 0% on balance transfers as well, making them apt for saving money on existing debt. Use the filters on the left to compare 0% APR student credit card offers, and apply online for the card of your choice.

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