Sunday, 26 February 2012

Best Student Credit Cards With No Credit

Top Credit Cards For College Students Who Do Not Have A Credit History

These days there are many things for students to think about. One thing they probably do not wish to think too hard about is getting a credit card. Thankfully, there are a number of top credit cards for college students that are aimed at new scholars who have little or no history of receiving credit.

There is actually a lot of competition between providers. Scholars are big business for many companies, and therefore they compete for your business by offering fairly generous introduction rates. When looking for a product, make sure you shop around for the better offers. The products you might wish to look for are those that offer fraud protection and those which do not charge an annual fee.

The student card from Discover has been mooted as a good product. It should be available with 0 per cent APR for 6 months. It also gives the customer cash back when it is used in restaurants, and also provides cash back when you buy items like gas.

A product that has been receiving pretty good praise is the Citi Forward Card. Like many of the products, it does have a 0 per cent APR, which is an introductory rate that lasts 7 months and includes all purchases. One of the things that make this card attractive is that it offers 5 reward points for each dollar that is spent. The rewards cover purchases made in movie theaters, video rental shops, bookstores and many other places associated with students.

The Dividend Platinum from Citi is a Visa card that offers the user a 7 months introductory rate at 0 per cent APR. Like many other cards, it comes with a reasonably generous cash back offer. For the first 6 months that the card is used, you get 5 per cent back on purchases from drugstores, gas stations and supermarkets. When you pay utility bills, such as cable TV, you also get the same level of cash back. There is also cash back on purchases made in restaurants and hotels.

When choosing a product, it might help if you consider the card to be an important stepping stone in your life. The reason for this is that if you pay regularly and on time, your rating will improve. This will be of great help if you wish to get loans once you have left college. That is why many students choose not to get a debit card, because these products do not normally help improve your credit history.

Each person will have their own ideas about what to look for in a product. Best credit cards for college students are not that hard to find. In fact, the hardest thing could be choosing between all those different offers.

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